An exciting new initiative is being launched today that aims to address workplace gender inequality, bringing tangible benefits to women, the economy and Australian society. 100 Days for Change encourages all Australian organisations and individuals to implement change during 100 days from the 1st of July to the 8th of October.

As Australia languishes in 35th place on the Global Gender Gap Report, it is becoming clear that high level policy change through government and big business is not happening fast enough. Workplace Gender Equality Agency Director Libby Lyons recently told a Senate estimates hearing that it will take another 50 years to close the entrenched gender pay gap. The aim of this movement is to empower individuals and organisations, across all industries and sectors, to make large and small scale changes.

It can be easy to fall into the mindset that change can only happen on a state or national level. However, there are many ways individuals and organisations can take action and get involved in 100 Days for Change. From conducting a gender pay gap analysis to implementing organisational quotes for gender equality to starting a women’s network, there are many changes organisations can make.Individuals also have a role to play with potential changes including publicly recognising the achievements of a female leader, calling out discrimination at work, and being more aware of how their words and actions impact other people.

The project is run by Women & Leadership Australia (WLA), which believes that the time has come for all of us to step up and do what we can to expedite change so that Australia achieves true gender equity.Author, presenter and reporter Tracey Spicer AM is the ambassador for 100 Days for Change, and in launching the initiative today said, “I am honoured to be part of WLA’s 100 Days for Change.

While women have come a long way in the workplace, there’s still an awfully long way to go. What I love about this campaign is the focus on practical change, from the grassroots to the top end of town: action, not words. It will be exciting to see what we are able to achieve.” Results of the landmark initiative will also be assessed and reported on by both the Australian Gender Equality Council and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, meaning that the qualitative and quantitative impact on society will be measured. Organisations and individuals can pledge their change by using the hashtag #100daysforchange on social media.

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