Katherine Joy has launched Brisbane’s newest swimwear and resort wear label 3kini. It houses three-piece ‘Everywear’ bikini collections. 3kini is the first three-piece bikini, designed to let one go from a dip at the beach to sunset cocktails.

The range is the perfect all-in-one outfit for the modern female traveller. All 3kini’s can be work as a dress or a bikini. There are seven styles that suit all shapes, sizes and tastes. The collection features a uniquely sophisticated, functional and practical resort-style bikini.

Joy says her frustration on changing too many times while on a South Pacific cruise led her to this idea. “I wanted to go from lounging in the pool to an elegant dinner without the hassle of having to go back to my cabin to change. Sadly, I couldn’t find a product that allowed for that. When I got back to Brisbane, I started sketching out designs, bought a sewing machine. And that was the beginning of 3kini,” Joy explains.

Since then 3kini has been working with a Gold Coast manufacturer to create a multi-function all-in-one outfit. Hence, it showcases quality lavish premium Italian fabrics with vibrant exotic prints, rich colors and sumptuous detailed lace — while being unique, comfortable, flattering and functional swimwear. 3kini intends to make women’s traveling experiences effortless. Recycled materials constitute approximately 25% of 3kini’s first collection. The brand plans to shift to 100 per-cent recycled materials by 2021. The entire collection can be browsed and purchased exclusively through the 3kini website.

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