The CEO of the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA), Kate Doyle, will step down from the position in March 2021.

In the six years that Doyle has filled this role, she has has overseen the review of assessment programs on the pathway to registration, agreements with Canada and the USA to recognise the qualifications of architects between countries, and the negotiation of a similar agreement with the United Kingdom.

Published in 2019, the Doyle and the AACA produced a report on architectural education and have conducted a range of research projects into the industry. The organisation is also completing a review of the National Standard of Competency for Architects, which is a benchmark for registration in Australia.

Doyle will step down following the completion of that review. “Kate has led enormous changes in the AACA over the past six years,” said AACA president Catherine Townsend. “The AACA has become more relevant and Kate leaves the AACA in a respected position at this critical time of focus on regulation in the construction industry. On behalf of the board I thank Kate for her outstanding leadership and unfailing professionalism.”

The AACA is working with Six Degrees Executive to recruit a new CEO. The successful candidate will be announced in early 2021 and commence the role in March.

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