Brisbane born and bred Meg Fraser has starred as the female lead in an international film that is set to premiere on October 8. The film’s genre is a comedy and horror flick that blends seamlessly to create an intriguing film called Bloody Hell which will air in Australia next month as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival.

Meg graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2018 where she studied an acting program to further her talent. Bloody Hell is shot entirely in Queensland with the majority of scenes filmed on the Gold Coast. The film is Meg’s first significant film role and has already received wide praise at the film’s world premiere at Germany’s Fantasy Film Festival in Berlin this month.

The film’s plot is centralised around a young girl that Meg plays, and a troubled boy named Rex played by Ben O’Toole where he flees his country only to wind up prisoned in a home with a non-traditional family. Alia played by Meg is the supposed black sheep of the family who tries to help Rex escape her family as she has fallen for him.

Expected to be the first of a three-film franchise it has been billed as ‘a fiendishly fun roller-coaster horror film’ directed by Australia’s Alister Grierson and stars a talented cast from the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, Neighbours, Blue Heelers and Underbelly.

“As we were filming, it was clear this was never going to be a stock-standard horror film or a straight comedy, instead including both to slot into the comedy-horror genre. And working with such accomplished Australians from many of the cast to the director was fantastic because it shows exactly the scope we have to create films here, and great films at that,” Meg said.

The trailer can be found on Youtube.

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