Amanda Ramsay was ageing. Her mother and all the other women around her were also, safe to say, ageing along with her.  A make up artist by trade, Amanda decided to grow up gracefully, starting workshops giving other women over forty the tips and tricks on how to feel visible.

Taking inspiration from her family, Amanda has found a niche in the industry creating natural and beautiful makeup for every occasion. “My business, Secrets from a Beauty Insider was sparked by a conversation with my mother in law almost 10 years ago. She said that after menopause she felt invisible. This really broke my heart and inspired me to work more with women over 40, to empower them to feel confident,” Amanda said. “Plus my friends were upping the ante on their requests for help and guidance on what products are right for them. So I saw a need. No one was talking to them. We all deserve to look and feel beautiful – which of course we are without makeup .. makeup just adds the extra WOW factor!”

Amanda is still very much enthralled with her life after turning forty. Along with her business, she also has two boys to chase, chauffeur and care for. “There are lots of late nights after the kids have gone to bed. I’ve two young sons so make time to be at school activities and sporting commitments, as this is important to me. I haven’t quite mastered the making time for regular exercise,” Amanda said. “I’m so into what I do – I love the energy of working with other women and lifting one another up to shine – I’m totally in love with it – it’s hard to tear myself away.”

Secrets From A Beauty Insider has certainly given Amanda some great memories to hold onto as she continues her life journey. Her lists of highlights is a long and growing one. “Working with amazing women like Miranda Kerr, Delta Goodrem, Sophie Monk, Sally Pearson, Colette Dinnigan and Julia Gillard. Grooming Merv Hughes’s iconic moustache and tanning Pat Rafters legs are fairly memorable moments too!”

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