Alison Callan is on a mission to guide women on a path of flow and alignment. She is passionate about them carving their pathway that is unique to them, not something derived from others’ successes, helping them consciously create their most authentic and unique business ideas and take them into the world.

Alison said she faced a lot of advice when she was becoming a mum that did not resonate with her and the vision she had for parenthood. “I chose to defy the norm and lived mindfully during my first year as a mum enjoying every single second despite the challenges, through consciously creating an empowered mindset,” she said. “This significant change in my life, gave her the courage to explore her potential and purpose, pursuing my passion for coaching, helping to empower people through connecting with their unique strengths to build their conscious business.

“I made a promise to myself to be both a mother and mumpreneur with success habits and mindfulness that I would always remember my conscious choices and follow my heart. My children inspire my success, they drive me to help other mums in business, to inspire other mums to build their empires. I wanted to be a ripple catalyst – helping one person do something amazing with their passion to change the world and then empower someone else to have their voice. That’s how the ripple becomes a wave.”

As mums, Alison said women are expected to juggle everything – from being the taxi driver, to nurse, to cook, to referee and all the other things expected of us. “That is ok with me. I became a mum because I wanted to raise a family, to inspire and teach my children to have an impact on their world,” she said. “Having my business has enabled me to do everything I really want to.

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