The serendipitous decision to pursue a business course after finding out the hairdressing cohort was full would lead Brisbane business owner Amanda Thompson along an unconventional career path.

After a diagnosis with an autoimmune disease, Amanda found seeking regular services that were knowledgeable on her condition, like a hairdresser, more difficult. She chose not to continue with traditional medication for her Graves’ disease. Instead she looked at ways in which she could remove chemicals from her life, and minimise exposure to synthetic materials. From shampoo and conditioner to her food, Amanda’s condition shone a light on the chemicals she was using everyday. And so a gap in the market was found!

Amanda purchased her first salon in a shopping centre in 2007, with the intention of providing organic hair care with knowledgeable hair care professionals. Seeking feedback from two prominent hair industry icons in Brisbane she had worked with in her auto days, she was faced with criticism that the concept wouldn’t work, and that consumer’s only wanted ‘affordable haircare’.

Despite this, Amanda’s salon network grew and her passion to find quality organic hair care continued. After 8 years searching for sustainable healthy options, a trip to Bologna in Italy made Amanda’s journey clear. A genuine love for the community atmosphere in Italy, where you couldn’t go to a restaurant without being told where the ingredients came from, reiterated the
desire to support local ingredients, people and community.

Amanda founded SOPHIC, a premium hair care range that considered country and community. So much so, that, where possible, all manufacturing of SOPHIC would be done within a 50 kilometres radius of its Brisbane-based headquarters.

Amanda Thompson would go on to become the founder and owner of multiple businesses including Australia and New Zealand’s largest niche sustainable hair care distributor, Eco Salon Supplies, SOPHIC, a luxury haircare brand, and multiple hairdressing salons across Brisbane.

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