Amber Horsburgh is a Music and Brand Marketing professional from Melbourne. She spent nine years working in New York City and Los Angeles before returning to Melbourne in 2020 to expand her Deep Cuts education program.

During her stint in New York City, Amber held the position of SVP Strategy at Downtown Records, where she oversaw marketing and strategy for the entire Global Artist roster. In 2019, Horsburgh moved to Los Angeles to consult for Labels and Artists directly.

Amber founded Deep Cuts in 2017, a music marketing platform to equip independent artists with strategies and tools to snowball their career. Upon her return, she expanded Deep Cuts through an online course and group coaching program called The School of Deep Cuts, a release planning 101 program for Artists and emerging Managers that empowers them to use guiding principles and resources that Horsburgh developed, whilst working with global music brands.

Upon launching the first intake of members in October 2020, more than 300 people signed up worldwide. With The School of Deep Cuts, for 12 months, members will learn the fundamentals of Music Marketing through self-paced, self-guided lectures. Every two weeks, members participate in group coaching calls led by global industry leaders to get direct feedback on their projects and build their network. At the end of the program, members will have created a marketing system tailored to their audience, artistic preferences and resources as an Artist.

The course is built off the 10+ year career of Amber Horsburgh. Amber recognised a need for more knowledge sharing (by executives at the top) to independent Artists and assisting them in building their careers by themselves quickly. The AIR (Australian Independent Record Labels Association), VMDO (Victorian Music Development Office) and AAM (Association of Artist Managers) supported the program.

Enrolments for The School of Deep Cuts opened on May 10, offering three free workshops on Music Marketing 101.

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