Chef Amber Kaba has more than 15 years experience in the hospitality industry and is skilled in restaurant operation, catering and nutrition. Amber’s training began at Quay in Sydney before she head to London to work in Michelin starred restaurants.

After arriving home again she continued her pursuit for excellence as the Executive Chef of an exclusive catering company, as well as combining her love for food and health by completing a diploma in Health Science and Nutrition.

Amber has also seen the dark side of hospitality, however, and after acknowledging her own alcohol demons, Amber set out to get professional training from a number of mindset and performance-enhancing organisations.  In the space of two years, Amber has managed to get sober, smash fitness goals, improve her mental health, and start a beautiful family. “I am proud to say, I am truly the best version of myself,” Amber said.

After the loss of Amber’s friend and mentor to depression and self-medication, her thoughts kept circling around the possibility of somehow changing the unhealthy culture in the hospitality industry within Australia. As a result, Amber set out to empower herself with more transformative learning and became a qualified Mental Health First Aider.  It was within her participation in the Self-Expression and Leadership Programs that Amber linked her real-life experiences to the desire to help others find their way out of the dark, The White Jacket Effect was born.

Subsequently, Amber has hosted five White Jacket Effect events up and down the East coast of Australia addressing mental health issues within the hospitality industry, raising awareness, and ultimately producing a shift in attitude and culture for the better.

Currently, Amber’s time is dedicated to causing the hospitality industry to be a safe, healthy, and inspiring environment for everyone.  The White Jacket Effect has grown into an organisation committed to empowering individuals to create foundations of ongoing and lasting strength and we offer an extraordinary new Online Course that gives you the tools to make better choices and be rewarded with better results.

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