Amy Hart, a former mixed martial arts remedial therapist, is proud to be Australia’s most successful SpeedFit franchisee.

In her past, Amy moved to Asia to train full time in their National sport of Muay Thai, while working as a remedial massage therapist assisting mixed martial artists before and after their competitions. As a result of overtraining, she suffered major injuries which prevented her from doing the sport and job she loved. This led her to change the course of her career and look to alternative options.

After moving back to Australia Amy turned down a strength and conditioning coaching position and began working as the Studio Manager at SpeedFit in Perth. During her time here she combined her rehabilitation knowledge with the power of EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) to completely heal her hip and shoulder injuries. This is when she really fell in love with the technology and knew this was the industry she wanted to work in.

With the help of a great team, Amy soon started smashing the WA studio records. However, due to family commitments Amy moved back to Newcastle, NSW and again had to leave a job she loved. At the end of 2018, Amy ran into Matej Varhalik, CEO and cofounder of SpeedFit at a Tony Robbins conference and was offered the opportunity to become a franchise owner. Amy said, “I was upfront about the fact that I couldn’t afford to buy a franchise on my own but instead of saying, ‘No’, Matej, the owner, said, ‘Let’s work something out.’” 

Matej and Amy decided upon a part-ownership model enabling Amy to open a new SpeedFit studio in Newcastle and become a SpeedFit franchisee.  Six months into opening her franchise, Amy now runs the most successful SpeedFit franchise in the country.

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