With a strong passion for creative design, a love for upholstery, and a desire to live sustainably in all its forms – Kerri Hollingsworth founded An.ti.quate. The company combines her love for creating quality upholstery pieces with an environmentally conscious mind.

With a genuine love of textiles, recycling, design, and earth-friendly solutions, Kerri has not only created a business which completely aligns with her beliefs, but also inspires her to continue to make positive shifts in the design industry, actively assisting in reducing unnecessary landfill. Through her company, Kerri creates quality upholstery designs with an environmentally conscious mindset that resonates with the innovative developing industry and her target market customer base. By recreating beautiful home furnishings, Kerri not only challenges the idea of possibilities within homes but also gives a second life to treasures.

Kerri strives to live as close to nature as she can; from her goal of self sufficiency on their farm, to working with it, as part of creating a regenerative ecosystem that works with nature. Keeping her company in the workshop most days is Bart the lamb and her daughter, Betty. Betty is the inspiration and drive behind this business, as Kerri wants her to grow up with a strong understanding of what we do each and every day has a monumental effect on our planet, both positive and negative; its our choice as to which effect we will have.

Striving to be a zero waste business, upholstery art was conceptualised offering a creative alternative to standard upholstery, whilst actively assisting in reducing unnecessary landfill. Designing and executing woven panels of recycled fabric, natural fibre ropes, trim off cuts, yarn, and twine creates a truly unique statement piece that promotes a mutual respect for both exclusive design and the planet.

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