In line with this year’s International Women’s Day theme #choosetochallenge, we have spoken with some of Australia’s leading and aspirational women in the wine industry to discover the challenges they are seeking out, the achievements they are celebrating and the innovation they are driving across some of our country’s finest wineries. The first inspiring woman in wine we would like to introduce is Anjanette Murfet.

With over 15 years in Communications and Human Resources, Anjanette has set up and managed action-oriented internal corporate cultures across Australia, Asia, Africa, the UK, the US, and Europe. Today, Anjanette is the Chief People and Communications Officer at Accolade Wines, one of the world’s leading wine companies with over 1,600 dedicated employees in Australia, the UK, Europe, Asia, South Africa, New Zealand and North and South America.

Anjanette is responsible for building a global internal and external communications strategy that supports the company’s ambitious growth agenda and nurtures the organisation to become a best-in-class, high performance, employer of choice.

When asked how Anjanette is challenging the wine industry, she says, “I find the best way to overcome challenges is to have clear goals and continue to focus on what you can deliver and what is in your control. For me, the biggest lesson for 2020 was that we cannot control everything! Sometimes external events or forces will significantly change our plans. The challenge is – how do we adapt quickly and try and operate and make sense of that change.”

2020 was also a difficult year for many industries, including the wine industry. Anjanette says, “The devastating Chinese Wine Dumping and Countervailing investigation, Pandemic and bushfires made it a very challenging year for the wine industry. In my role, I am responsible for government relations and working with our industry body, and Federal and State Government, to find ways to support the wine industry as it recovers from the impact of this situation.”

Throughout Anjanette’s career she has had many ‘wow’ moments. One that never seizes to amaze her is vintage, “seeing that whole process through and the final production of wine is pretty amazing”. In terms of personal highlights, Anjanette recalls moving her family and working in Ghana in West Africa was definitely up there as one of her biggest personal milestones. Anjanette says choosing a favourite wine is like choosing a favourite child, however a few standouts for her include Bay of Fires, Eddystone Point and House of Arras because they are local to where she is from in Tasmania.

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