Another Woman’s Closet has been hosting second hand clothing sales, peer to peer, since 2016. According to second hand site ThreadUp, clothing resale is a $24 billion dollar industry and is expected to grow to $44 billion by 2021. Second hand clothing sales are growing four times faster than the broader retail market. While people have been boycotting fast fashion in the past year, Another Woman’s Closet saw this trend approaching and grew ahead of the curve with its business savvy and have become a leading group for designer resale.

There is no denying that there has been a rise in the popularity of designer resale in the past couple of years. The grunge 90s and the noughties that followed saw the rise of thrift store chic. You only have to look at all of the designer resale pages and groups on social media to see the extreme demand for these products. This has also deepened the desire for fashion of all ages and of all labels from on trend to luxury. It’s the fashion world turning on fast fashion.

Sunshine Coast locals take stall spaces and sell their undamaged, washed, ironed and hung garments at the Another Woman’s Closet Market. High end luxury brands have been found in the past, such as the Dior Saddle Bag, or a silk Diane von Furstenburg dress for as little as $10, or current collection Mischa for $60. But the bulk of items always seem to be around the $5 to $15 mark. Instead of contributing to land fill, perfectly good items are handed on to someone in the region who values them. This business is the perfect launch pad for others to follow and say no to fast fashion.

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