Brie Stevenson co-founded Australian beauty brand Antheia with two fellow beauty industry experts after spotting a gap in the artificial tan market – tan removal.

Antheia’s main product is a fake tan remover kit that was the 2016 runner up for Best Self-Tan Remover at the Beauty Heaven Best in Beauty Awards, with the aim to create a product with natural ingredients that leaves the user with soothed, soft skin.

The brand is often featured on beauty sites, by beauty bloggers, and product review sites who highlight the vegan friendly and gentle ingredients. Gold Coast makeup artist and co-founder of Antheia Brie Stevenson says that the products being free from harsh chemicals is extremely important. “Your skin is the body’s largest growing organ and treating it gently with natural solutions is non-negotiable,” said Brie. “I have instilled since day one that we are a ‘skin first’ company – meaning we focus on what’s best for your skin above everything else.”

Following on from this, Brie created the Antheia Liquid Micro Peel in response to aggressive techniques for removing dead skin cells, such as coffee and sugar scrubs. The company often creates products which specifically targets areas of beauty and skin care that are lacking a gentle vegan friendly option. Brie even admits that her first experience with fake tan was a disaster. “When I was about ten years old, I raided my stepmother’s makeup case and found a Clarin’s self-tan tube and decided to give it a go. I had a lot of visions of myself getting around feeling fabulous, but let’s just say a 10 year old does not blend very well!”

The brand continues to emphasise the importance of sun safety and skin care, stating that this ethos will continue in its future product ranges.

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