Ashley Bellino launched Stoned Crystals in July 2015 as an advocate for modern mindful living by using crystals as a stylish interior statement pieces for our homes and workspaces. Ashley believes that even if you don’t subscribe to the notion that crystals can bring particular energy to your world, she aimed to help showcase the obvious benefits of decorating our spaces with natural objects, like we do with plants.

As a pioneer for ethically business practices, Ashley personally visits mines around the world (with her baby who is currently under 12-months old) to ensure the crystals she purchases are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Ashley knew that relying on traditional retail sales limits any businesses potential to grow and exist. The global pandemic in particular has forced businesses to diversify their business model and sales channels. Thankfully before this Ashley established a successful virtual live sales model conducted via Instagram that has generated $4million in revenue for the brand. Ashley attributes this success to a human-to-human (H2H) sales approach that merges face-to-face retail environments with a digital world. Creating a personalised and immersive experience for the shopper, digitally.

Now in 2022, Ashley has launched a one-of-a-kind Live Sales App that allows for an uninterrupted, personalised and authentic shopping experience for the customer, while giving control back to the brand. Ashley launched this after recognising the barriers of relying on a 3rd party (Instagram) for live sale shows and plans to make the App available to like-minded businesses in Australia.

As a small Australian business selling products that speak to a small portion of the population, Ashley has experienced great success by growing online sales by 633% to a total company revenue of $2.5million within a four-year period. She even placed within the 2021 AFR Fast Starters list.

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