When Audrey Martin, founder of Melbourne based small business The Karma Collective, read that scientists believe we are witnessing Earth’s sixth mass extinction, with one million species predicted to become extinct in coming decades, she knew she had to act.

Leaving her corporate job and creating her business with purpose, became an easy decision – as did her commitment to partnering with animal charities to ensure her handmade products and curated collections benefit animals at risk. Since taking the plunge and committing her life and business to aid animals, Audrey’s business of selling hand poured candles at markets around Melbourne has grown along with her impact.

Since starting her business just a few years ago, The Karma Collective has donated over $50,000 to various causes in Australia and around the world, but Audrey also puts more than just her money where her mouth is, also traveling to Borneo to assist in the care of rescued orangutans and sun bears.

The perfect one stop shop for gift givers and homeware lovers with a conscience, The Karma Collective’s range of home fragrance, candles, prints, cards, accessories and food offers a shopping experience that everyone can feel good about. Audrey’s love of animals shines through in not just her Wildlife Collection of candles, but The Karma Collective also offers handmade animal earrings, and stunning art prints, however the extensive range of other eco gifts available are so delightful that many may find themselves wanting to keep everything for themselves!

“At Karma Collective, we know that it’s little things that make a big impact,” Audrey says. “And that applies not just to a little show of love, which our gifts are perfect for, but the donation from every product that goes to our associated animal charities. Saving one species in our delicate ecosystem can save more, and that’s why we’re so focused on the little things – they work together to have the biggest results. That’s what Karma Collective is all about.”

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