In 2001, AussieMite launched the first gluten-free yeast spread with Vitamin B12 and iron to the market since the 1960s. After her father left the business, Managing Director Elise Ramsey took over in 2007.

The company remains 100 percent Australian owned, based in Byron Bay. The yeast spread is vegan, gluten-free, and made without any GM ingredients-positioning it on taste and nutrition as well as being the ethical spread of choice for consumers. In addition the fact that the spread is made in Byron Bay gives a good indication that it is going to be something special due to Byron Bay becoming synonymous Australia wide with fresh produce and great food. AussieMite is made in Melbourne, however we are based in Byron Bay. Our plan is to move production to Byron Bay in the near future.

Byron Bay-based yeast spread makers, AussieMite, have released a new ad as part of their Little AussieMite digital campaign, with a delicious dose of sarcasm targeting the latest Aussie dietary trends. AussieMite positions itself as the most nutritious yeast spread on supermarket shelves and a fun, energetic competitor to Vegemite, the most powerful food brand in Australia.  After two decades of legal challenges  by big brands, AussieMite shows it is not done fighting to win the hearts and stomachs of everyday Aussies. AussieMite is proudly gluten-free, vegan and NO-GM a point of difference to the traditional Vegemite.

AussieMite pushes its brand identity into fresh, light-hearted terrain. Elise Ramsey is proud of the company’s resilience and new direction, highlighting its nutritional points of difference and new exciting projects. “We don’t want people just to eat well, we want them to live well and be happy. We want to do whatever we can to make that happen. So if you have a laugh at our new ad, that’s a good start.”

AussieMite is also excited to work with the Victoria University to start work on a study to bring yoga and meditation to schools and make it accessible for the whole community. “We want to change the school syllabus and work with local yoga instructors and studios to offer yoga lessons to all,” said Elise.

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