Fan favourites Sheree Everitt and her husband, former AFL star Spida Everitt, return to television screens across the country for the 11th season of their hugely popular travel show The Great Australian Doorstep.

With an easy, everyday style, The Great Australian Doorstep features caravan, RV, 4wding and camping holidays throughout Australia as well as international destinations such as New Zealand, China, Alaska, Canada and the USA, as well as cruises, snow holidays, walking tours, fishing trips and more. Sheree Everitt says Season 11 promises to be the most exciting yet. “This season we have so many wonderful episodes,” Sheree said. “We have a Queensland Marine Life special episode with turtles, dolphins and whales centred around Hervey Bay, Cooloola Coast and Mon Repos. It is an amazing episode where we follow the laying and the hatching of the famous loggerhead turtles. As well as our Marine Life special, we also head to the Flinders Ranges and Coffin Bay in South Australia – that was just remarkable. Our Outback Iconic Pubs episode is hilarious, as is The Red Centre (Uluru and Kings Canyon), and we launch the brand new Beer Trails of Australia, across NSW, VIC and Qld. I can’t say too much, but we also have two surprise episodes with four celebrities … fans of the show are going to love those.”

Television travel shows come and go, but The Great Australian Doorstep has stood the test of time, with more and more fans following Spida and Sheree’s travels each season. Spida believes viewers respond to their honest, straightforward style. “We are really relatable,” Spida said. “There is nothing fancy about our show. Most of the time Sheree doesn’t wear any make up or do her hair, but that is part of life on the road!”

Sheree says Spida is notorious for wearing his shorts just one day too many… “Much to my horror,” she said. “Jokes aside, we are just honest. We don’t make things look glossy if they aren’t, we don’t lie to our viewers. We don’t earn money from constant advertorials, we just love doing it and love knowing that we are giving good honest feedback and also great tips and money saving ideas that others can follow. If we don’t like and use a product ourselves then we don’t promote it. Our focus is always on the destination, not the dollar signs.”

Sheree says Australia is one of the world’s most wonderfully diverse travel destinations. “There’s so much diversity; every few hours the land changes. Red dirt, yellow dirt, rocks, fresh water, salt water, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, ocean, snow… you name it we have it right here. And in almost every Aussie town you will find good genuine locals, good yarns, and always a cold drink on tap. The stories that the locals will tell you are always the most interesting and entertaining. The true Aussie spirit lives on in every outback person.”

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