Kirsty Anne Ferguson is a globally renowned career interview coach, author, aviation expert, speaker and magazine columnist. Ferguson specialises in the aviation industry, however she supports anyone, from CEOs to school leavers, in articulating their personal potential, and showcasing it to the world.

In addition to her online business model, Ferguson has published a new book, The Albino Cameleon. The humourous, inspiring and practical read follows the story of the albino cameleon, Ben, who is unable to use colour to disguise himself. The metaphorical character coaches readers through the journey of knowing how to professionally talk about yourself and your professional assets. Ben has plenty of insightful ideas, helpful hacks, stories and questions for the reader to reflect upon. Ferguson hopes the “warm and relatable,” creature helps readers to shed light on their own superpower, and how to communicate it eloquently.

After a personal disaster in 2010, Ferguson decided to “rewrite the entire future story of her personal and professional life”. She has successfully carved out a niche in the competitive aviation industry, which has created her international reputation of helping anyone who needs a career confidence boost, into finding their personal purpose and professional potential.

Ferguson believes in the power of positivity; in looking at what you can do well, instead of what you cannot. Her mission is to help everyone find their superpower, to “ditch the antiquated and overwhelming ‘find a passion’ thinking,” and to show readers that even when they don’t believe it themselves, we all have something special and unique to offer. Kirsty concludes that after this book, her readers will conquer and confidently look forward to the age-old, dreaded question “tell me about yourself…”. Kirsty Ferguson’s book, The Albino Cameleon can be purchased from Amazon or Kirsty’s website.

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