It’s not everyday that you become a multi award winning creator, but for Sunshine Coast mum, come inventor Kelly Lavery, 2019 has been a bumper year for her invention, the Strucket. Earlier this year, Kelly took home one of Australia’s most highly regarded design and innovation awards, the Good Design Award, as well as the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Sustainable Business and an International Stevie Award in the Start Up category.

Followed up by last weeks win at the 2019 AusMumpreneur awards in Product Innovation, Lavery is proving that simplicity but effectiveness is key in creating an award winning invention. “I was just looking for a way to make life easier in the laundry. At the time, I could find nothing online that made soaking baby mess more hygienic and easier,” she said.

After being thrown back into the life of soaking dirty nappies, bibs and daily household items, with the late arrival of her third child, Kelly hated the daily chore of putting her hands in yucky water. Not realising at the time, but her surprise baby and dread of dirty laundry would lead her to invent a smart take on the humble laundry bucket.

The combination of  the bucket and strainer allows you to soak your wears without touching nasty chemicals or unsavoury water, with a latching mechanism and easy drainage, it has changed the way Lavery and many happy customers Australia wide, do their washing. Only released in December last year, Lavery said, “I didn’t set out to design what is fast becoming an Aussie icon. In under a year, from our launch last December, Strucket has become an in demand product in the parenting and nappy market, child care, disability, aged care and hospitality space.”

With the goal of global domination, the next step for Strucket is exporting. Kelly heads to Germany later this year to launch Strucket at one of the biggest trade shows in the world.

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