When Kate Brady founded Be There Beauty, she hoped to fill a hole in the beauty market. Australia’s first beauty subscription service allowing customers to book beauty professionals at any time, through a mobile-friendly portal.

Through the service, individuals are able to purchase memberships with a dollar value, and are completely in charge of how they spend their dollars according to their individual needs. Members can browse through beautician’s portfolios online, select the service they need and choose a time and location that suits them. Kate, CEO and Founder of Be There Beauty, started the service in Brisbane, and it is now the first of its kind in the country offering services to beauty lovers nation across Australia. The beauty subscription service has partnered with household names including the National Academy of Beauty, FOMO Festival, BYS Cosmetics, Bondi Sands and the popular Mekka Races.

Kate said she could see where society is going in terms of consumer preference, and created the beauty revolution after discovering a gap in the multi million dollar market. “You only have to look to your phone plan to your gym or Netflix – it makes sense to offer a beauty membership with access to hundreds of beauty services in one place,” Kate said. “Be There Beauty is a girl’s best friend and we are there for our members in times of need. Whether our members are looking for a glam makeup look for a special event or need a tan desperately, our dedicated team of beauty professionals have them covered.”

“Our services are incredibly convenient, affordable and flexible. We have become extremely popular with students and young professionals.” During a time where people are looking for services that are more convenient to the consumer, Kate aims to match top beauty providers with individuals who choose membership options that align with a range of different budgets.

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