Through the creation of her own women’s fashion boutiques showcasing Australian designers, BeauTex Designs founder Brooke Jones discovered a passion for design, textile development and manufacturing which led her to developing her own apparel brands.

Intially, Jones developed apparel in the hair and beauty industry providing waste to workwear textiles for uniforms and protective clothing that now spans into industries such as aviation, mining, hospitality and medical.

After launching her first brand, Little Tanning Dress in 2015, Jones found that many of the salons she wholesaled to were wearing the dresses as uniforms because they were loose fitting, comfortable and practical. From there, she launched a brand designed for hairdressers that offered a range of bleach and hair resistant clothing.

After launching her second range, Jones really began looking at her own environmental footprint and knew that she wanted to find ways to improve. To put things in perspective every 100,000 hairdressing cutting capes the company converts from virgin polyester to recycled bottles textile it will divert 1.1 million bottles from landfill and decrease the carbon emissions by 145,000.

Throughout her journey, Jones has developed an in-depth knowledge about textile waste and environmental pollution, and the further she delved into it, the more passionate she has become about finding and providing sustainable solutions and creative ways to recycle re-usable plastic waste for ready to wear products. Her passion for sustainability and supply chain solutions is what drives her and it has become her mission as a business owner to support a new way of manufacturing that improves on current practices socially and environmentally.

Ultimately Jones is moving towards a fully closed loop sustainability option for workwear. Her business, BeauTex Designs, is helping large corporations be more aware and provide sustainable uniform options through procurement and policies that help them to adopt more ethical operations and reduce their footprint on the globe.

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