Leaving a national executive role in childcare, Bec Lloyd successfully consulted on communication for school and early childhood education bodies for more than six years.

Bec’s unique combination of knowledge and experience in child development, communication and family meals all came together in her first book, The Flawsome Family Mealbook, and a side-hustle that’s rapidly becoming her life’s work: UnYucky Families. “As a working mum I know how stressful weeknights are and how guilty you feel after a ‘bad’ dinner or rushing kids through screens and bed.

The reality for many families is dinner is a brief chance each day to maybe sit and face each other – rather than rushing to and from school, work, and other activities,” Bec said. The best thing about being an mumpreneur for Bec is making family dinners as part of her job. “ Even for me that’s sometimes a major drag and, just like the women I aim to support, I still have plenty of ‘what’s for dinner’ dramas and we always have a weekly takeaway night – sometimes more,” she said.

“I do love that I am increasingly able to focus on my dream of working with food, and that I can combine it with the writing and teaching skills I’ve worked hard on for decades.” The biggest challenge by far has been letting go of the safety of the communications consulting I’d been doing successfully with childcare and school organisations ever since I quit my exec life.

Bec said starting a business brought with it a huge pressure to stick with what’s certain. “I’m the sole income earner at home, with a chronically ill husband and twins still in high school, and I’m one of those overly responsible eldest daughters too,” she said. “So, it took me nearly two years from when the book was first published to commit to this path with my classes just starting to take off for UnYucky… and then along came the pandemic.”

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