Australian Indie Pop starlet Bel Woods has just released her debut single, Running. 

Woods has a lot to say, and music might be the best way she knows how. In fact, there is not much that the Sydney based indie pop artist loves more than flirting with serendipity as she combines her inner monologue with melodies she has dreamt up. It might happen in an hour, or it might take months, but the one constant in Woods’ writing process is her patience and perseverance to uncover those seemingly elusive diamonds in the rough.

Woods has been passionate about music since a very early age. However, it was arguably as she figured out the guitar parts from a tablature book of Alanis Morisette’s, Jagged Little Pill, that really drove Woods to pursue a career in music. It was not long after this that the talented musician started creating lo-fi recordings and dabbling in projects of her own.

From 2007, after moving to Sydney from Wauchope, Woods began playing various acoustic solo gigs around Newtown including The Vanguard, Lansdowne and The Sando. In 2014, Woods played a notable support to Sarah McLeod from the SuperJesus.

Since then, Woods has spent time producing her debut single, Running. The piece is produced by multi-instrumentalist and Tales In Space’s front man, Luke Bertoz. Running is a stripped back, but high-octane, band-pop affair.

Keep an ear to the ground for more Woods in a city near you.

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