Adelaide brand Belle Botanique has dedicated its recently launched, Beauty and Health campaign to celebrating International Women’s Day 2018. The brand initiative aims to empower women across the globe to combat the internal and external stressors of trying to look and feel good. The company is using the `inside and outside strategy’, to provide a holistic approach by combining nutrition and quality skincare. The skincare brand believes that it is important to reduce exposure to toxic compounds that may affect one’s body or those of future generations to come.

To combat toxic effects, Belle Botanique is developing skincare and haircare products as well as 100 per cent natural perfumes, applying principles of `Green Chemistry’, using only safe and natural ingredients. “Every day I meet and talk to many young and mature women and am surprised that most women don’t know that the majority of perfumes, whether expensive or economical, are made with synthetic chemicals. A large number of these aroma chemicals have been proven to be endocrine disruptors and have properties to cause reproductive toxicity,” says Peta-Ann Jain, perfume designer, artist and co-founder of Belle Botanique.

Emotional centres in the brain are deeply connected with the sense of smell, and skin is not only the largest organ of the body but also an outpost of the immune system. “As the digital age is approaching fast, it is vitally important to keep our humanity and women have been endowed with emotional intelligence,” said Josh Adams, senior researcher at Belle’ Botanique. “Whether it be general wellbeing or skincare, we are providing safe and effective choices for the women to feel good, look good and combat pollution.”

Recently launched, the Beauty + Health campaign by Belle Botanique aims to empower women across the globe by increasing their awareness and by providing the effective solutions.

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