The Edmund Rice Foundation (ERAF) is excited to announce the launch of Best Foot Forward or BFF campaign.  The campaign is an initiative to help raise funds to empower women and girls through education. Established in 2012,  The ERAF is an international aid organisation which supports sustainable community-based education programs in developing countries and projects for marginalised and disadvantaged groups in Australia.

On the ERAF’s National Day of Giving, the 17 October 2019, the ERAF are asking that members of of the community, become a ‘BFF’ by purchasing a supporter pack, to help change the lives of thousands of women and girls around the world. Each pack will cost ten dollars and will include an information sheet and a pair of bright pink shoelaces.

The campaign, which runs for one day only, asks supporters to lace-up any pair of shoes with your BFF laces and take a photo of yourself (or your feet!) and share it to Instagram. By tagging your friends and using the #BFF19 they hope that by spreading awareness and donating that together we can make lasting change for women and girls all over the world. This campaign is a chance to give them an opportunity for education and “to put their best foot forward”.

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