From office colleagues to an event planning powerhouse, Kim Mayberry, Amy Grey and Brooke Williams are fantastic examples of entrepreneurial female friendship. Planning the global secret dining phenomena, Le Dinner on Blanc, these girls manage their day jobs and the challenges of organising a massive event with enthusiasm and determination.

The event scale is immense, visiting more than seventy cities and helping guests lead picnics that are surrounded by mystery , with guests arriving to a departure location before being taken to surprise destination. Despite visiting so many exotic cities around the world, Kim, Amy and Brooke are covet Brisbane.

“We instantly connected over our shared passion for Brisbane – its people, public spaces and potential. We worked together on several community events and activation initiatives, and it just evolved from there for me to come on board for Diner en Blanc in 2013,” Kim said. “I really love the concept of Diner en Blanc; how it brings people together in a completely different and positive way. I am super grateful to Amy and Brooke for bringing the event to Brisbane that first year, and honoured to be a part of the team that has delivered the events that have followed,” she said.

The girls ensure that each event has a sense of being in a wonderland that enchants and delights. “As hosts, we look to balance the traditions and rules of Diner en Blanc with Brisbane’s own personality. We always look to celebrate the uniqueness of each secret location through our theming and entertainment. Last year our secret location was the historic Brisbane Showgrounds so we incorporated fireworks, a vintage carousel and some horses, white of course,” she said.

“Diner en Blanc is a community built from strangers, a one-of-a-kind event that is enriched by the attendees themselves. The individuality and creativity in fashion, table designs and food is truly a spectacle to be seen.”

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