From tiny inner-city apartments to spacious coastal properties, Rhiannon Campbell is transforming homes across our region into tropical paradises.

Botanic Box is Rhiannon’s passion project, a subscription service that delivers unique and beautiful plants to flora lovers each month. As a keen plant enthusiast since childhood, she is a firm believer in the benefits of plants, and not just to beautify your balcony. “They’re great for purifying air; the more plants that you have in a space, the better the air quality’s going to be. They bring you a sense of wellbeing as well, because you feel at one with nature.”

Subscribing to Botanic Box is a guarantee that every delivery will be a surprise. One month, it could be a heart-shaped, pink-tinged peperomia, the next an adorable succulent bowl, the next a tropical and vibrant bird’s nest fern. Each plant is accompanied by a thoughtful, hand-picked gift from one of West End’s many creators. Since its launch in July, Botanic Box has teamed up with individuals and companies ranging from a natural skin care brand to a laser cutting designer. Rhiannon says the collaboration and support is one of West End’s most valuable assets. “People are really open to new experiences and new things, so they’re less likely to just write you off and more likely to encourage you. Being a local business, the people we collaborate with that have been really helpful in sharing posts and giving feedback. It’s a great space to build a business.”

And the community support has paid off. In a matter of months, what started as a gift for a friend has turned into a thriving business and a multi-brand collaboration. “[In the beginning], I was looking for a present for a friend who was having a housewarming. I thought, what can I get her that’s a bit different? I’d always loved plants, and that got me thinking about how it would be nice to have a service that would deliver plants to your door. That way, you could build your collection and have something nice and new every month.”

Being a first-time business owner, on top of working her full-time job, means it is her passion for the product, combined with her support network, that’s kept Botanic Box alive and thriving. “My favourite achievement was actually getting a sale, because I didn’t know whether it was going to be something that people would be interested in. But there’s a great plant community in Brisbane, so it’s been fun, and not hard work at all because it’s something that I enjoy.”

Thanks to the growing demand, Botanic Box cannot expand fast enough. Rhiannon has goals of branching out into other cities and expanding its range beyond subscription boxes; think local brands, pot stands and a host of other products to help keen gardeners of all levels to expand their collections.

At a time when the environment is in dire need of care, Rhiannon is making sure that no matter how time or space constrained you are, there is a pocket of nature for you to cherish.

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