An independent survey commissioned by lingerie brand Triumph has uncovered the bra habits and behaviours of Australian women, revealing almost half (42 per cent) have never been measured by a specialist for the correct fitting bra.

The survey sample of 1000 women came about after Triumph recognised 80 per cent are still wearing the wrong size bra, which can lead to health, wellbeing and emotional side-effects. Problems such as gaping, spilling out of the cup, uncomfortable underwire and digging straps are the most common issues faced on a daily basis. Headaches and neck pain can also be triggered by bras which are either too tight or too loose, but more often they are caused by looser band fits, which women tend to favour to cover back bulge.

Triumph’s expert fitter Paula Svoboda says if you’re wearing the right size bra, it should feel comfortable, even invisible. “It’s very common for women to only look at the cup size when choosing new bras, but the band is where the elastic is, which is most responsible for providing support,” Ms Svoboda said.

The survey found that women are getting as many as 1000 wears out of the same bra, with a quarter of us washing our bras every day, which can drastically reduce quality, support and comfort. Furthermore, nearly half of women admitted they have been wearing the same bra for more than three years, while one in five Australians revealed it has been five years of more since they purchased a new bra. It is recommended to be fitted every six months due to changes in the shape, feel and size of breasts.

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