Brianna Russo was working in the marketing and events industry when she had the idea to start The Bundle Collective. The Bundle Collective aims to bring authenticity back to gifting by being personal and remaining relevant.

“I would make note of which ways I could create a gifting service that would fill that gap in the market.” Brianna said. “In 2016, I decided to transfer those ideas into a business plan and launched The Bundle Collective in January 2017.”  The Bundle Collective recognises that organising quality, thoughtful gifts requires time and effort, and takes over the work of sourcing, personalising, packaging and delivering gifts.

Brianna wanted to bring happiness, a sense of convenience and make a difference to people both sending a gift and people receiving a gift. “I was always that ‘last-minute gifter’ and struggled to find gifts that weren’t daggy, overpriced, impersonal and boring. I also struggled with finding the time to leave work and go to the shops to find a gift – it needed to be more convenient.”

With a design and marketing background, Brianna wanted to ensure that the design of The Bundle Collective box was like no other. “We had spent months designing a box that stands out from the rest… the look, the textures the openings were all considered. The Bundle Collective completely customises for corporates.” The creative founder also wanted to ensure that the vendors her company works with complement The Bundle Collectives brand and aesthetic. “We mostly work with local brands to support Australian companies.”

Not just for corporate gifting, Brianna says that the act of gift giving is the best feeling in the world. “There’s actually nothing better than that excited feeling… I regularly send Bundles to my friends and family for no special reason other than to make their day… if you haven’t done this before – do it, it’s the best!”