Sydney-based entrepreneurs and mother-daughter team, Sue Jago and Ally Jago are delivering the latest innovation in undergarments for women, via a unique range of sweat-wicking pants designed to eliminate thigh chafing. Launched in October 2017 the pair’s Australian-born brand Bridgets is changing the chafing conversation.

The concept of Bridgets was developed while Sue and Ally were holidaying in the heat of Europe. After suffering from chafing while away and discovering a gap in the Australian market for a solution, Bridgets was brought to life. Initially fulfilling the goal of helping women that suffer from chafing, the brand is now spreading body positivity, allowing women around the world to feel fabulous in their own skin. “I love knowing that I am helping women to feel comfortable in their clothes. I’ve been that girl, who stares at her wardrobe on a hot summer’s day and has nothing to wear because I know I’ll be uncomfortable and hot. It’s a terrible feeling to not be able to wear what you want and to feel self-conscious,” said Ally, Co-Founder of Bridgets.

The mother-daughter team had previously worked on other ventures together, so they knew the challenges that would face them in launching a new business. However, they have successfully established Bridgets online, building a strong customer base that they hope will continue growing as they look to expand. “We are excited to see where Bridgets takes us! We are excited to look at expanding the range and possibly begin wholesaling to select boutiques as well,” said Sue.

Offering an effective solution to thigh-rubbing, with a range of high-quality, sweat-absorbing undergarments, Bridgets are designed using silky-soft, lightweight, breathable nylon microfiber and spandex as well as advanced 3M moisture-wicking technology. The undergarments guarantee a seamless, undetectable fit that wicks away sweat instantaneously ensuring a comfortable fit for all body shapes and sizes.

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