Domestic violence survivor Xenia Schembri tells of her experience in her latest book Broken to be Beautiful.

For Xenia, writing her story down was so much harder than she could have imagined. It became quite a journey for her, and through it she had to discover her healing along the way. Domestic violence was part of Xenia’s life from 1990 to 2005. Using her experience, she is now a mouthpiece for the voiceless as she exposes sexual abuse and domestic violence. “We have to stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves, I for one cannot stay silent anymore,” she says.

Xenia has had to face challenges as she navigated her way through a  15-year domestic violent marriage with her first husband. She has authored Broken To Be Beautiful to highlight the freedom and victorious life waiting for anyone who finds the courage to move past their trauma and pain. This book shows a tenacity and warrior mentality can be developed to conquer circumstances beyond our own control. This is her story of how she has turned the ashes of a broken life into an ornament of beauty.

Xenia is an international author of a three-book series written to empower families, educators and other professionals to equip this and future generations with self-protective behaviours, Brave Little Bear. She is also finalist of the 2019 Heart of a Women Award. Xenia and her husband, Simon, are associate Pastors of a church on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, they have also founded a charity called At The Ark Inc. This charity supports families whose children have been sexually abused. It also equips organisations such as churches, schools and child care centres to protect children and prevent child abuse.

Xenia is available for speaking engagements and has spoken at women events, breakfasts, conferences, and churches throughout Australia and Internationally.

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