The light catches on a lineup of more than 65 bottles of gin, Billie Holiday croons in the background, and leather tufted chairs beckon those in need of a little pampering. If that does not sound like your traditional beauty salon, that is intentional.

Brooklyn Beauty Bar owner Brooke Jesberg does not just want to give you luxury: she wants to give you a destination. Her concept grew and now is in two locations–Petrie Terrace, Brisbane and Fortitude Valley– specialising in brows and lashes, skin treatments, hair and makeup, and manicures and pedicures.

Brooke loves to multi-task. In this spirit, she made it her mission to create a space that provides all that a beauty lover could ever need, to the highest standard, in the one location. “Who has the time to go to one place for lashes then another for your skin and another for nails or hair, I certainly don’t and neither do my clients” she said. Brooke and her team have mastered what she calls ‘Multi-Beautying’. “Whether its Hair being done whilst also having a manicure or having lash extensions at the same time as a pedicure, I wanted to give my clients the ability to have treatments simultaneously if they so wished to be in and out, without too much fuss, if that’s what their schedule dictates.”

Brooke has also created a new attraction at Brooklyn Beauty Bar; nail and beauty parties. “We are continually blown away from the popularity of our parties. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, wedding, work event, Christmas party or just a catch up with friends, our parties certainly are an experience people want to talk about and keep coming back for”. Brooke’s licensed venue has also become a popular gathering spot for pre event preparation. “The bar focuses on my two favourite drinks Gin and Champagne”.

Brooke has more than 18 years experience in the beauty industry. During that time she has become a passionate advocate for beauty hygiene. “The beauty industry sometimes gets a really bad name for itself when it comes to hygiene standards, especially in the fields of nails and lashes. In many cases it is deserved. Some operators can be lazy or just after a quick sale and the results can have dramatic effects on the clients health”. Brooke was one of the first operators in Queensland to sterilise all equipment to the same standards as doctors and dental practices. Brooke would rather turn a customer away than put them at risk. “Beauty safety is also about knowing when to say ‘no’ to a client, if a service isn’t suitable for them due to any condition, is mustn’t be provided. Client safety always has to come before profits”.