Australian sisters, Leesa and Amanda created their lifestyle label MOOLEII in October 2015, launching a colourful range of tote bags. The brand has since gone on to create a suite of tote products that are now stocked in more than 40 stores nation-wide. Since then, the sisters have added a collection of cotton Kaftans to their products and are excited to continue creating bright products aiming to compliment the Australian laid-back lifestyle.

Starting a business together had always been a dream of Leesa and Amanda. “There had been many business ideas over the years involving accessories,” shared Amanda. “We were prompted to start MOOLEII after having kids, when we recognised a need for extra large and affordable bags to haul our kids’ stuff.” MOOLEII’s products are fun and colourful, and the sisters are willingly influenced by everything around them. “We get our inspiration from so many sources – from our friends, fashion and home interiors. There is so much to inspire us. We are always on the look out for new ideas”.

For Amanda and Leesa, the most enjoyed element of their roles with MOOLEII is the excitement that comes with designing. “We both love the creativity of design. We have a passion for fashion and colours. There is nothing better than seeing a design come to life.”

In such a booming consumer industry, one might find the prospect of being a small business daunting, but the sisters say they enjoy the challenge. “There is always something new to learn,” said Amanda. Looking back, Amanda shared that if there was one thing she wished she had known before starting the business, it would be to focus on the financials. “We have a natural preference to focus on the aspects of our business that we enjoy – the deign, marketing and customer service. I wish I spent more time analysing the figures and recommend any small business do the same.”

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