After delighting fans and critics with the long-awaited follow up to her acclaimed debut album Zinc, released in 2017, Caiti Baker is thrilled to bring her new project further to life with a stunning accompanying short film. Amplifying the deeply personal and intoxicating themes of her new single, Gone, Caiti Baker now returns with the first of two videos created in collaboration with Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore.

“Earlier this year I played Gone for Claudia in a cafe in Fairfield, Victoria and instantly, her idea began to form,” Baker said of how the collaborative partnership was formed. “Keeping with the sentiment of the lyrics, Claudia’s initial idea developed and I rolled with every punch, placing all my faith in her to do exactly what she wanted.” Breathtaking from start to finish, Baker further explained the storyline of the Gone video saying, “The women and their experiences exist in my mind; they are me, I am them.”

Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore said of the short film, “Every visual aspect represents Caiti – all the characters, their actions and reactions. Their calm poise and their emotional desperation. Visually I was interested in exploring the themes of captivity and surrender. Just as the narrative portrays, the journey of healing oneself can feel so abstract at times.” Caiti also said of the personal importance the Gone video has for her. “This video is really special to me, and I’m so excited to share this with my fans.”

Undergoing a personal evolution since the release of Zinc, Caiti Baker has now entered into a new era and is creating her most ambitious and freeing work yet. Emotionally charged like never before, Baker uses Gone to signify her rebirth as she comes to the end of one journey and starts another. ‘Gone’ is taken from a forthcoming new EP titled Dust (Part 1) which will be released soon.

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