Having started a law degree at 30 when even close friends were convinced she would fail, Caralee Fontenele is today the owner of a respected family law firm, the author of two bestselling cookbooks, and speaking at women’s business events about ‘Balancing Business and Wonder Womanhood’.

Caralee left school at just 16 with no career path ahead of her. At 20, she married a professional and in the following years helped him create two successful businesses in his line of work, while raising two small children. At 27 her marriage ended and she was suddenly left dis-empowered and pressured into an unjust property settlement. At 30, Caralee re-married a lawyer and started working in his business. Determined not to repeat the past, she went to law school with the goal to practice family law. Later, when this marriage also came to an end, Caralee’s position was vastly different.

It was Caralee’s experience being pressured into an unjust property settlement at a young age that led her to launch a successful family law practice that is committed to providing excellent legal services and assisting people through what is often a very traumatic, life-changing experience. Today Caralee is the director of Collective Family Law Group on the Gold Coast, with 10 employees who all share her vision. Now 40 and happily married, Caralee is more passionate than ever about thriving in her career and helping others through their own life changing experiences. Caralee has also written two bestselling recipe books – Real Food Pledge and Real Food Every Day.

Caralee has found a balance in her life, juggling what she calls the perfect combo of passion for her family, her friends and her food, with her busy work life.


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