A business strategist, author, speaker and creator of Soul Modes, a strategic framework and practical business leadership theory based on our own personal patterns of energy, it is safe to say Carlie Maree does things a bit differently.

The business and life coach believes we can all achieve success in a way that feels good. Carlie shares her experiences and knowledge with her students and community. She wants women across the globe to achieve work-life balance in businesses they love, built their own way.

Carlie’s framework helps us to understand that when we learn and understand the patterns in our energy, we can fully master our life. When it comes to our Soul Modes, it encompasses the different modes of energy that we experience and when – giving women the clarity, confidence, and practical tools to understand themselves on a soul-level and to understand our patterns to ultimately run our businesses more effectively; with the goal to increase business results.

In a business world that champions the always switched on, hustle mindset, Carlie believes this isn’t actually required for success. In fact, by learning to balance our energy flow, predict burnout and hack productivity, women can master their business, run it their own way and achieve success without sacrifice, long hours and guilt.

Entirely accessible via smartphone, the Soul Modes framework allows women to develop at their own pace, through archived workshops as well as new content added weekly. Carlie offers courses, mentorship and reflections on her own experiences to provide insight and suggestions and help us women get the best of their careers and lives.

As a mentor for many clients through online programs and her Soul Modes framework to give women clarity, abundance, and fulfillment; combining their head, heart and soul to give them a business and life that they love. Carlie empowers women all over the globe on how they can combine their head, heart, and soul to give them the business and life they have always dreamed of, and on their terms, without hustle or sacrifice.