Paralympian Carol Todd brings her life experience and personality to life in retirement at Seachange Coomera Riverside.

Carol Todd lost her leg when she was a baby and said she wanted to prove that she was just as good as any other person. “I do not let anything defeat me. I have always strived to keep positive and prove my abilities,” she said. 

Geoff Todd, her husband said, “It is because she has a competitive streak in her.”

From 1980 to 1984, she built a career for herself, winning gold, silver, and bronze at the 1984 New York Summer Paralympics. At 30, she chose to swim competitively and won gold repeatedly, broke world records, and was then asked to be a flag bearer at the 1984 New York Olympics. After her achievements in the 80s, Carol focused her energy on her three children and her hobbies.

In early March, Carol and her husband decided to retire to Seachange“We looked everywhere, and Seachange seemed to be the place that suited what we were looking for,” she said. “We are just so happy here. We love being near the river; it is so pleasant. You sit down there, and you are in another world. Seachange lets us make the most of everything we have,” Carol said.

She said the success of longevity and good health is to love each other. “It gets you through the good times and the bad times because love always wins. My life advice would be to keep moving, and do not waste your time,” Carol said.

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