Cecily McGuckin has taken the trophy for CEO of the Year’ at LeadershipHQ’s Outstanding Leadership Awards for 2020. As the first and only female CEO in Australia’s steel industry, Cecily is proud to be doing things differently.

Cecily is passionate about driving change and leading the way in a male-dominated sector and for those in family businesses. She is the CEO of Queensland Steel and Sheet (QSS) and her focus on organisational culture and exceptional customer experience is guiding the business her father started 35 years ago.

After beginning her career in finance, Cecily moved into Construction Management. Her experiences here helped shape the leader she is today – a problem solver and out of the box thinker. As a woman in a man’s world, she is also resilient. She has needed to prove herself time and time again. Cecily credits her emotional intelligence and gut instinct as the key drivers behind her success as a CEO. When she engages her staff, she leads with strength but isn’t afraid to make decisions necessary for the business to operate profitably.

Making an impact outside of business is also important to Cecily. In February 2020 she hosted a fundraiser committed to building a shelter in the British Virgin Islands for victims of domestic violence. The event brought together over 240 people and raised over $54,000.

Cecily regards her new award as an incredible honour which marks a new beginning for her journey as a CEO and leader, particularly after pushing through so many barriers to get there. “This is the first award I have received, and to be honest, it is one I really wanted and believe I had earnt. It was a recognition of my skills and abilities, collaboration and kindness, not a spreadsheet purely about profits, which feels great,” Cecily says.

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