International Psychic Medium to the stars Calise Simone will be conducting readings in front of a live audience at The Calile Hotel from 6pm on Monday 25 March. The event is hosted by the Hotel’s  Kailo Wellness and Medispa. Readings will encompass connection with those that have passed and guidance on love, career, relationships and family.

The Australian born Medium and intuitive lives in New York and since the move has become word renowned and entrusted by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to connect them to the spirit world. Calise comes from a long line of Mediums, with her mother, grandmother and aunt sharing the gift. Calise has been able to “see dead people” for as long as she can remember. She recalls experiences from her childhood, seeing spirits surrounding her bed and faces coming out of the walls. As an adult, Calise has been able to hone her gift.

The Medium is a regular guest on Susan Pinksy’s Calling Out podcast. Her clientele is worldwide, with clients from the America, Australia, New Zealand, England and Peru. Some of her notable celebrity readings include, Eden Sassoon from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Rob Schneider.

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