With 1.5 billion cups of coffee consumed a day, Change CoffeeWorld Vision Australia’s first social enterprise – is on a mission to help eradicate global poverty by 2030. Change Coffee’s range of hand-roasted, Fairtrade coffee donates 100 per cent of its profits to World Vision’s life-changing programs to economically empower women globally.

Social Entrepreneur and Head of Social Enterprise at World Vision Australia, Simone Dowding said Change Coffee is aiming to bring about a socially conscious initiative to encourage consumers and cafés to switch their coffee to a bean with purpose, and that there’s no better way than to start the day with an epic cup of coffee that’s really changing lives.

“When women have equal access to meaningful work, which is fairly paid, it has a multiplier effect, benefiting not only the individual woman, but also their families, communities, and countries,” Simone said. “The brand’s business model incorporates strategies to innovate social change. From crop-to-cup, the coffee is ethical, socially responsible, and accountable.

“Governments and charities are struggling to address rising social and environmental challenges by themselves, which has created a window for businesses – and in this case cafés – to play a larger, more purposeful role. We are all in this together, this isn’t just about the coffee, it’s about starting a movement that empowers businesses and their customers to choose products that are contributing to a better planet for us all.”

“We are pleased to introduce Change Coffee for people to enjoy at home, work or their local café. Change Coffee also makes a great gift for those who want to give their loved ones a present with a conscience this festive season.”

The range comprises one decaf and two caffeinated roasts, with a new roast soon to be released.

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