A love of travel and the opportunity to collaborate with micro businesswomen around the world inspired Charlotte Petrucci to create ‘Things Of’ – a one-stop-shop filled with cool, quirky bespoke pieces.

Charlotte, who speaks five languages and up until COVID-19 travelled abroad every year from her home on the Gold Coast, has spent her life collecting items from across the globe. “I wanted to create a place where you could find bespoke items, without having to travel to far away exotic locations. I wanted to create a place for lovers of ‘Things Of everywhere’,” she said.

“The concept behind my online store, Things Of, is a result of my passion for cultural diversity and heritage. It is a place for limited, different pieces, that inspire the love for the wondering mind and lifestyle. It is also a collection of items that are just must haves in your wardrobe and that can be combined and matched with more special pieces or accessories.”

Charlotte said Things Of is ideally suited to the woman who is not afraid to wear something different and who is ready to express her femininity, sexiness and strength through colour, bold items and eclectic fashion. “The aim as the business grows, will always remain to support other women run businesses around the world.

“Through small collaborations I have already supported a small African charity and choose my suppliers always keeping in mind the ethical and slow side of fashion, keeping the focus on the celebration of cultures, heritage and the craftsmanship that specific countries identify with. I want to create a community of women who choose to empower themselves by simply being who they are unapologetically, using fashion as a vehicle for self-expression, creativity and overall empowerment.”

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