At the young age of three, Chelsea Ingram took up ballet, tap and jazz lessons. By the time she was nine, she’d won ‘Best Performance’ in a statewide dance competition. There’s no wonder she has since landed herself roles on stage in New York City.

Growing up, Chelsea always knew she wanted to end up performing. “My entire life, I dreamed of the big lights and the stage.” After graduating from Brisbane State High School, she enrolled in an intense two-year acting course, where she was trained under Norman Price (Urban Dingoes, The Sugar Mill Project) and international performer Lisa O’Neill.  She performed in numerous Queensland-based theatre productions while studying, including the Crucible, Marat Sade and Clockwork Orange.

With an Advanced Diploma in Arts Acting in her pocket, and at only 19 years of age, she made the bold move to apply for the world famous Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, and was successfully accepted. Institute alumni include Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Sienna Miller and Scarlett Johansson.  While in attendance at the Institute, Chelsea had the opportunity to perform for Anna Strasberg and was taught by Vincent D’norfrio, with the help of her mentor George Loros. “Upon graduation I performed numerous times in the Marilyn Monroe theatre under the directors George Loros (The Sopranos) and Geoffrey Horne (The Bridge on the River Kwai).” Since graduating from the institute, Chelsea has performed in many productions, and has been selected as a member of the New York theatre company, Primitive Grace.

While Chelsea has fulfilled her dream of performing on stage beneath the lights, she has also taken pen to paper in producing her own script titled ‘Keep Calling‘, which Primitive Grace has agreed to produce. The play debuted at the Sydney Fringe in 2016 with a sold out production and rave reviews. Additional achievements include her role in feature film Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon with Luke Shircock, a movie that was shot across Detroit and was released in theatres worldwide in 2017. Chelsea also starred in New York Web Series The Loft, directed by Cannes winner Yunus Shahul.

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