When it comes to pursuing your passion, entrepreneur Cheree Poole is proof that a little risk and a lot of determination go a long way.

After 10 years working in finance, she made a daring decision to quit her day job and focus on her love for interiors instead by opening The Pillowslip Store.

Pairing her finance skills, enthusiasm and appreciation for bed linen, Cheree brought The Pillowslip Store to life.

The Queensland-based online store specialises in king-size pillows and pillowslips that are both stylish and affordable.

“I have always had a passion for unique, creative design and believe that decorating doesn’t have to break the bank,” Cheree enthused.

“I’ve worked in finance and have two teen daughters, so I know how important it is when managing a family to have stylish, high-quality products at an affordable price.”

Born out of frustration with Cheree and her daughter’s ill-fitting pillows, The Pillowslip Store specialises in a beautiful selection of locally designed king-size pillowslips.

Each design is carefully created with the clients’ varied individual tastes and styles in mind.

“No two pillowslips are made the same, each print has its own character born from the unique block printing process,” said Cheree.

“Our hand carved teak block designs are printed, basics and blends are dyed by colour masters and the beautifully soft fabrics are stitched by tailors.”

Relying only on ethical manufacturing, The Pillowslip Store is committed to providing high-quality products to bedrooms with love and care.

“The pillow inserts are made from free-flowing tiny microfibre balls that move within the pillow, making them extremely comfortable and supportive for sleeping,” said Cheree.

Juggling life, work and parenting, Cheree is excited to see where The Pillowslip Store will go.

“It’s been a juggling act, as it always is for working parents, but I’m so excited to have taken the leap and have my dream come to fruition,” said Cheree.

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