Corrine Vingerhoed, a mathematics teacher at Hunter School of the Performing Arts (HSPA) in New South Wales has won a top teaching award from The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).

Corrine Vingerhoed from Newcastle was awarded the Choosemaths Mentoring Girls in Mathematics Award in recognition of her outstanding achievement in inspiring and fostering the participation of girls in mathematics. According to AMSI Schools Program Manager and Choosemaths Project Director Janine McIntosh, Corrine was selected based on her capacity to encourage, guide and inspire students by providing ongoing mentoring support. “Corrine is very deserving of this recognition for her commitment to fostering engagement of girls and their mathematical success in and beyond the classroom,” she said. Corrine’s prize includes $10,000 for professional development and a further $10,000 towards HSPA’s mathematics program.

At just 24 years old, Vingerhoed’s innovative approach to teaching stems from the limitations of her own high school experience and lack of female mathematics role models. She started a robotics club in her first year at HSPA, has set up a free daily maths and Milo tutoring club and runs workshops for Year 10 students two mornings a week.

Principal Jo Gray said Corrine was an inspiring teacher in every sense. “Her thoughtfulness, her kindness, her thorough preparation and her compassion are second only to her passion for mathematics and for her belief that every student can achieve.” As well as teaching staff, Choosemaths recognises students for their creative contributions to mathematics. This year, young people were encouraged to submit a short video based on the theme Our World Needs Maths.

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