The Paper Kites is a five-member indie rock-folk band from Melbourne formed in 2010. The only female member in the group, Christina Lacy, enjoys playing music with her companions and working on creative projects even though the process of writing and recording an album can be long and tedious.

“The outcome is always so rewarding and the feeling of getting music out there after holding onto it for so long is always really exciting and satisfying. Touring and playing live sort of feels like reaping the benefits of what we’ve sown into the album and getting to celebrate it and enjoy it with everyone.” Christina said touring is like any job, and there are plenty of pros and cons. “But we love what we do and we’re very grateful we get to do it.”

In their latest album On the Corner Where You Live, the single Mess We Made is Christina’s favourite track which she wrote and sang. “Well, bias or not that track is definitely a standout, probably because it’s so personal to me. It was hard to write and hard to record but I’m so happy with the finished sound and the performance. Flashes is another favourite of mine. It’s just a beautiful track and I love singing it with Sam.” Christina said the team gets inspiration for their music from other artists and bands as well as their experiences and feelings in life as a whole. “There is no limit to what can be written about and I think inspiration changes all the time. It could be a conversation you had, a movie you saw, a huge life-changing event. Anything that leaves you with something to say.”

Over the past eight years, the music of The Paper Kites has always been evolving in one way or another. “It’s pretty amazing really how far and wide our music can reach now.” Christina believes the Australian Music Industry has done a fair job of better supporting female artists and providing them more opportunities over the last few years. “Personally, I have only ever had good experiences in the industry, here and overseas. Generally, I have found fans and other bands or crew to be nothing but respectful and friendly, but in saying that I know there are some female artists with very different stories to mine. Gender equality is something that we can always work harder for, not only in the music industry but many others too.”

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