Songstress Rachael Leahcar of The Voice fame is set to release her stunning fifth album, just in time for the festive season.

Together For Christmas is sprinkled with the magic of the festive season, and embodies that inherent bubble of excitement that surrounds the final month of the year. The record is packed soulful renditions of festive favourites, from upbeat hits like ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ to the haunting ‘Ave Maria.’ A slew of special guests join Leahcar on the record, including fellow The Voice alum, Lara Nakhle.

For Rachael, the record is not only about celebrating the holidays, but also bringing people together. “Christmas is about people coming together with love,” the twenty-five year old says. “Something everyone can benefit from.” Recording Together For Christmas in six languages was integral for encouraging diversity during the holiday period. “Christmas is also a time to celebrate our differences,” says Rachael. “We can only move forward as a human race if we are open, respectful and accepting of each other. I’m hoping that by sharing the songs of old and new, with diverse languages and voices, it will help this message be shared.”

A testament to her down-to-earth character, Rachael has dedicated the record to her best friend and service dog Ella. The eight-year-old Golden Retriever features beside Rachael in the illustrated album artwork by artist . “She has pretty much been by my side for almost 24/7 for six years, [and has] guided me through thick and thin,” Rachael says lovingly of her pooch. “I wanted to pay credit where it was due, as she is my Rudolph, guiding me through the dark so that I can find my way safely. The bond between us is unlike anything I’ve ever known. I love her to the ends of the earth and back.”

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