Food scientist, hall of famer and CEO of award-winning cosmetics brand, Lük Beautifood, Cindy Lüken, has developed the Modern Beauty Standard that is the first of its skin in the Australian market to align with the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Lük Beautifood has always been a forward-thinking brand with their green and clean approach to cosmetics that led to positive category disruption over the last 10 years. Now, modern business accountability means so much more than this, and again, Cindy Lüken is the mover and shaker in what true business accountability means in 2022.

Responsible for championing natural beauty and pioneering conscious, toxin-free, nutrient active cosmetics in Australia, Cindy launched Lük Beautifood in 2012. Cindy was awarded an Honorary Master of Science for her dedication to food science and encouraging young people to pursue a career in the industry. Over the years, she has won over 20 export, entrepreneur and business awards including an induction into the Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame.

Her most recent ground-breaking and industry-shaking initiative, The Modern Beauty Standard, is a 24-step initiative that serves as a roadmap to guide all areas of business operation by ensuring full ingredient transparency and product safety, improved customer experience and cultural representation, reduced plastic waste and carbon emissions, greener energy consumption and responsible manufacturing, more impactful community-led campaigns, and greater award and industry certifications. Each step in the Modern Beauty Standard is built on the consideration of people, planet and product with her trademarked triple C formula of clean, conscious and credible.

Cindy is passionate about health, wellness and the power of food to generate optimal health and radiant beauty. Her passion drives Lük Beautifood and her team to inspire and help women discover and celebrate their innate, natural beauty.

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