Pushpa Bakshi is not merely passionate about self-development; the chance to help someone achieve personal or professional prosperity is what motivates her waking moments. Once a young, enthusiastic accountant, Pushpa longed for a mentor who could help nourish her leadership aspirations. She spent years fruitlessly searching for someone who had her best interests at heart; someone who wanted to share in her happiness and success. Confused by this glaring lack of integrity in the realm of performance coaching, Pushpa took it upon herself to revoluntionise the development of leadership skills in personal, professional, and corporate environments. “I never found that person or service who truly believed in me, so I made a decision to create TCE Solution,” Pushpa explained.

Pushpa got her start in the self-development industry while living in England, where she worked as an accredited Coach and Mentor for the Catalyst Learning and Development Company. “I facilitated workshops and helped train people for the ILM certification and Diplomas,” Pushpa said. “This was my second source of income with my full-time job as an accountant at the treasury, and it gave me the finance and flexibility I needed as a single mother for my two children,” she added.  Pushpa also worked as a coach for staff at the tax office, at small and medium-sized enterprises, and at government-run organisations, including top performing schools and universities.

TCE offers customised training, leadership programs, and workshops to meet every need. “We love our client’s vision as passionately as the client and make it our own goals,” Pushpa said. “Flexibility is our strength, and we make sure to use approaches that work best for our unique clients,” she added. Pushpa hopes that, through the reach of TCE, she can help shape the leaders of tomorrow. “I want to add creativeness in people’s life journey and to lead them to fulfill their dreams and desires,” she concluded.

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