Anna Daniels is a very funny woman. A comedic presenter, Anna has written, produced and starred in segments for The Project.

Anna has dabbled in a diversity of storytelling mediums, and her off-beat comedic narration always endears her to peers and audience members alike. She began her career by winning the ABC‘s “Comedy Segment of the Year Award” for a disastrous interview she conducted with Russell Crowe. Many young journalists would have crumbled under the awkwardness of such a botched encounter. However, Anna embraced her embarrassment and edited the footage to create a supremely popular radio piece titled How Not to Interview Russell Crowe. She then went on to co-create the ABC’s first online sketch comedy series Tough at the Top before championing the eccentricities of rural and regional Australia on primetime television.

Anna’s most recent success involves the publication of her debut novel Girl in Betweena romantic comedy about a young woman at a crossroads of a relationship, careers, and cities. Her journey to the bookshelves began when she entered and was shortlisted in the 2015 Vogel Award. The book has received such stellar feedback that it will soon be translated and published in Germany, and in the US and UK. Anna’s next aspiration is to get a picture with Cher on the latter’s upcoming trip to Australia. “Girl in Between stars Cher in a big way,” Anna explained, “I think she would enjoy the Aussie humour and settings.”